Watch & Learn Mandolin Primer Deluxe Edition Book for Beginners

Watch & Learn Mandolin Primer Deluxe Edition Book for Beginners

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The Mandolin Primer Deluxe Edition by Bert Casey is designed for the beginning mandolin student who desires an easy to follow, step by step instruction method for getting started on the mandolin. Starting with the basics, the student will learn the parts of the mandolin, left & right hand technique and playing scales. Later you will learn how to play 12 popular bluegrass songs using techniques such as hammer-ons, slides, pull-offs, and double stops. The course also includes a section on how to play rhythm on the mandolin (the famous mandolin “chop”).  All exercises and songs and demonstrated at two speeds (practice and performance tempo).

Techniques Covered

  • Holding the Mandolin
  • Tuning
  • Using the Pick
  • Proper Left and Right Hand Position
  • Playing Scales in 4 Different Keys (G, C, A, D)
  • Rhythm & Strumming (The Mandolin Chop)
  • Moveable Chords


  • Worried Man Blues
  • Wildwood Flower 
  • Boil Them Cabbage Down
  • Cripple Creek
  • John Hardy
  • Red Haired Boy 
  • Soldier’s Joy
  • 8th Of January 
  • Billy In The Lowground 
  • Blackberry Blossom
  • Bill Cheatum
  • Sally Goodin