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With equipment that is getting smarter many of the most common complaints that equipment operators and audience members have are now being addressed in very creative and affordable ways.

1. "I can't understand what they are saying"

   This, by far, is the most common complaint in any environment where a sound system is used. Unfortunately there is not one magic bullet that will take care of this problem because there can be a number of reasons that the sound is just not clear.  The first culprit is outdated equipment. The amount of advances made in the quality of sound equipment, even in the last 5 years, has been remarkable when it comes to clarity of sound. Starting at the microphone all the way to the speakers, every component in typical systems have seen improvements for the purpose of better clarity.
   After the equipment, the next most common issue is to make sure your system is adjusted properly to match your room.  If your system, as a whole, is not adjusted properly you will find yourself in a losing battle to get it to sound right.
   The final culprit when it comes to clarity of sound is the room itself. Sometimes even with the best equipment that is properly adjusted you could be fighting the overall sound of your room. Do you have high ceilings with nothing but hard surfaces throughout the room?  Then, especially with larger rooms, the natural reverb of the room will keep you from understanding normal speech.  In this case surface treatment of walls and ceilings may be the best solution to your problem.
   No matter what is making your system sound bad in your room, you can find the help you need right here at Tegeler Music.

2. "When it's my turn to run sound I never get to sit with my family during a service because I'm always stuck back in the corner with the sound equipment."

   It never fails, when sound equipment is installed there's usually two deciding factors on where it is located...
1. Because that's where all the cables are located and
2. We don't want to see all that equipment during service so put it back in a corner, or better yet, up in the balcony where nobody can see it.
   That's great for aesthetics but not so great for the sound person if they want to do a good job.
   The solution to this problem is one of the most requested features in new sound system installations today.  Complete Wireless Control of the Entire System.  That's right, now you can control your entire system from a tablet or smart phone.
   Not only does this get your poor sound person out of the corner and back with their family,  they now will be able to do a better job because they're making adjustments from the best possible position...Where The Audience Sits.

3. "Someone messed with the sound board and now all of the settings are wrong."

   No matter how hard you try, it seems like it's just a matter of time before all of your adjustments are changed either by accident or by that well meaning person that is just trying to help.
   One of the most convenient features on digital mixing consoles today is the ability to save your settings to a default scene and instantly recall that scene if something gets changed that wasn't suppose to.  In addition to a default scene, your sound person can create multiple scenes for different occasions that can easily be recalled by even the most novice of volunteers.

4. "I don't think we can afford the latest in digital technology"

   The features and capabilities of the latest digital technology is now more affordable than ever. In fact, one way to get everything you need and stay within your budget is to upgrade equipment in multiple phases. Maybe your speakers sound decent but you want wireless control of the system. No problem, just address the most needed aspect of your system right away and then continue adding new components as your budget allows.


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"I have helped many clients upgrade their systems in churches, schools, community centers, auditoriums, professional buildings and even a funeral home or two. My personal passion is to make sure everyone can clearly hear and understand what is being said. As a Dante Certified, life long sound engineer and an audio systems specialist, my goal is to use the latest audio technology to make sure you can clearly hear from every seat in the house."

Don Tegeler

Tegeler Music Dante Certification