Sabian 11600XEB 16" HHX Evolution O-Zone Crash Cymbal Dave Weckl Signature

Sabian 11600XEB 16" HHX Evolution O-Zone Crash Cymbal Dave Weckl Signature

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16” HHX Evolution O-Zone Crash

Catalog ID: 11600XEB

Perforated by 2″ holes, this innovative crash delivers raw, dark and dirty bite.






HHX Series Overview

HHX is the bomb. They are dark cymbals that cut. Before HHX, that just wasn’t possible, but we made it happen. Evolution, Legacy, and now Complex – these are cymbals that continue to set the standard for dark sounds in cymbals.

  • STYLE: Modern
  • SOUND: Dark
  • METAL: B20
  • FINISH: Natural or Brilliant

The SABIAN Story

For Drummers Who Don't Follow the Crowd.

There are tons of cymbal manufacturers. We are not a manufacturer. We MAKE each cymbal for a drummer.

No two of our cymbals are the same. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? Just like you.

Not everyone gets it. We like that. Popular can’t mean what’s best. Sabians are just right.

We’ll never compromise in our craft. Love us or hate us — we’re fueled by our drummers.

Unleashing Cymbal Craft for Unbound Drummers

Robert (Bob) Zildjian restlessly fretted over the quality, sound, and relevance of the cymbals available at the time. So, he founded SABIAN in 1981 and opened SABIAN in Meductic, New Brunswick Canada.

We are still here. Still breaking down barriers and rules.

The SABIAN Vault is a global center for cymbal and sound innovation.

The no excuses attitude of Bob Zildjian guides us still. We never hold back.

Neither does Sabian’s drummers and percussionists. They choose from vintage to modern, from dark to bright, from traditional to downright eclectic. They recognize no boundaries.

Today, Sabian’s offices and depots are all over the globe and distribute in 120 countries.

Cutting Edge, Not Classic

The drummer defines the cymbal, not the other way around.

We constantly forge the future of cymbal craft to give you the right and best starting point in creating your sound.

SABIAN is family. Look at a few cymbals here. They deserve the reputation for being creative catalysts for drummers around the world.