Juice Goose JG JR Rack Mount Power Distribution Center with 6 Outlets at 15 Amps
Juice Goose JG JR Rack Mount Power Distribution Center with 6 Outlets at 15 Amps
Juice Goose JG JR Rack Mount Power Distribution Center with 6 Outlets at 15 Amps

Juice Goose JG JR Rack Mount Power Distribution Center with 6 Outlets at 15 Amps

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Power Distribution Center with 6 Outlets and 15 Amp Capacity

Less expensive fifteen amp connectivity has base level surge protection, six rear outlets, a shallower chassis and basic level AC power surge protection. 

The JG Series family of commercial grade power and light modules includes six high quality, economical models that are valuable accessories for any rack-mounted system. The switched outlets on the back of each unit provide power while the discreet components inside provide a basic level of protection to help clean up dirty and dangerous AC voltage.

The Basic power conditioning includes a fast-acting metal oxide varistor (MOV) installed to clamp voltage spikes running between the incoming line and neutral leads. This level of conditioning also includes a capacitor to reduce the level of AC line interference that may be transmitted between the line and neutral leads.


GENERAL DESCRIPTION All JG Series models provide high quality, economical power distribution for nineteen
inch rack mounted electronic systems. Each model is designed to offer a specific feature set to meet the needs of
various installations and budgets. All models provide the same base level of AC power protection.

CONNECTIVITY JG Series models are vailable with six (JGJr), eight (JG8LED), nine (JG9 and JG9NS) or eleven
(JG11-15 and JG11-20) AC receptacles. The JG9 and JG11 offer an unswitched outlet on the front panel. All other
receptacles on the back are rotated to better accommodate “wall wart” power supplies. Each of the AC outlets is a
NEMA 5-15R, rated for 15 amps.

CAPACITY The JG11-20A has a circuit breaker rating of twenty amps and a technical maximum current rating of
eighteen amps. All other JG Series models have a fifteen amp circuit breaker and a twelve amp maximum current

POWER PROTECTION All JG Series models feature the same base level of AC power protection which includes a
fast acting metal oxide varistor which guards against high energy surges between the line and neutral power leads.
This protection also includes filtration capacitance which enhances the surge protection and adds a primary level of
line noise elimination.

POWER CORD Power cords on all JG Series models are rated for fifteen amps and feature a NEMA 5-15P plug—
except the JG11-20A which has a twenty amp rated cord with a NEMA 5-20P plug which requires a twenty amp
receptacle. Power cords on JGJr, JG8LED, JG9 and JG9NS are six feet long. Cords on the JG11 models are fifteen
feet long.

CIRCUIT BREAKER The JGJr and both JG11s feature a circuit breaker mounted on the front of the chassis. The
JGJr circuit breaker is incorporated into the power switch. Circuit breakers on the JG8LED, JG9 and JG9NS are on
the back panels of those models. Circuit breakers are rated at either 15 amps or 20 amps, depending on the current
rating of that model.

RACK LIGHTS The JG8LED has two slide out light tubes that provide dependable, dimmable LED rack lighting.
LED lighting is long lasting and should never need replacing. It also can be left on for long periods without creating
significant heat.

WARRANTY Every JG Series product is manufactured to exact Juice Goose specifications. The JGJr is warranted
for one year. Warranties for all other JG Series models are for three years.