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Besides being very knowledgeable about the products we sell
We are also very knowledgeable about the service and repair of those products.
Listed here are the types of repairs and services we offer at Tegeler Music.

Band Instruments

Most band instrument repairs consist of regular maintenance such as cleaning and minor adjustments. Sometimes though an accident happens, especially during marching band season, and now you can have some real damage to deal with. That's why we are proud to offer Full Service, In House Band Instrument repairs. From minor adjusts on your flute to dent work on your trumpet. We do this type of work and also more major repairs including complete overhauls. Any repair that is needed to make the instrument play well can be done, in house, at Tegeler Music.
Recently Tegeler Music made a major upgrade to our band repair offerings by adding an Ultrasonic Cleaner. Finally a safer, more environmentally friendly, high tech way to deep clean your instrument. We can now do in house ultrasonic cleanings to instruments as big as a tuba.

If you are in need of our band repair services or would just like to get your instrument professionally cleaned the Ultrasonic way, then give us a call for a repair quote today!

Orchestral Instruments

Repairing and servicing orchestral instruments is a very unique and rare skill. That is why Tegeler Music is proud to be able to offer this service to the entire area. From violins to double basses our abilities allow us to do all repairs needed, from resetting sound posts to major structural repair, requiring complete disassembly and reassembly of the instrument body. Included in these services is the ability to re-hair bows. This is a common and re-occurring need for all orchestral musicians.

If your student instrument needs to be tuned up so it plays better or even if you have an old instrument that needs an overhaul, let us help you make your orchestra instrument the best it can be.


Since guitars are one of the most popular instruments purchased nation-wide, offering repair and service to these instruments is a must. Tegeler Music can execute all repairs needed to both electric and acoustic guitars. We cover anything from putting on new strings to complete setup and adjustment. We even cover any electrical repairs needed on electric guitars.
Accidently drop something on your guitar that put a ding right where you see it every time you play? We can even do minor finish work to help keep your guitar looking good!

Repair Guarantee
Tegeler Music will provide a 30-day guarantee on all repairs done in house. Any repairs that need to be returned to the manufacturer will be subject to any warranties provided by that manufacturer. If any warranty items need to be returned to the manufacturer, Tegeler Music will cover any handling charges leaving the customer responsible for shipping charges only.

Other Services

Informational Services
Updated and accurate information about music products is vital to our customers. That is why we will maintain our website as an informational web site providing direct links to our manufacturers web sites along with ways to download product information. Product literature that is provided to us by the manufacturers will also be available to all of our customers.

Professional Seminars and Clinics
Whenever it is possible we will bring in an expert to provide the best possible information about selected products. This allows our valued customers to have one on one contact with the people who really know about the product. Even when it is necessary Tegeler Music staff members will host a wide variety of clinics in the interest of educating our customers on product use and operational technique.