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Band And Orchestra Program

Rent a Band Instrument -- or -- Rent an Orchestra Instrument


Purchase a new instrument
and you will Save 30% off the retail price
We'll even throw in a
full year of MR coverage for FREE.

To save even more money
You can purchase one of our quality used instruments (limited quantities available)
and we'll still give you 1 full year of MR coverage for FREE.
(All of our used instruments have been shop tested and are guaranteed to be in good playing condition.)

If you choose to return the instrument,
we will refund what you paid minus what it would have cost to rent the instrument.

With No Interest Charges
Pay one initial monthly payment to get started
Then you can choose to:

Keep renting the instrument until you've accumulated enough credit to pay for it in full.
(100% of the rent portion of your band instrument payment is applied towards the purchase price and there are never any interest charges applied to your payments.)

2. Save money on your new band instrument by
Paying off the balance due early at any time and Receive a 30% discount on the balance.

3. Exchange the instrument for a different one,
with the directors approval.
(All accumulated credit will be
transferred to the new instrument)

4. Return the instrument with no further obligations.

Good Reasons why Tegeler Music should be your choice
when it’s time to rent or buy an instrument.
Whether you decide to buy or rent
we offer competitive pricing on all of our new and used instruments.

We offer only quality, name brand instruments.

All of our repairs are done in house.
This allows us to have very fast turn around times
when your instrument is in need of repair.

If an instrument requires a little more attention
resulting in an extended stay in our shop,
we will provide you with a free loaner instrument.

To give you peace of mind we include our MR coverage.
For just pennies a day you can be sure that maintenance and repair
issues are always taken care of to keep the instrument in top playing condition.

Buying or renting an instrument is not something you do everyday
so please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.
We are here to help you make the right decision.

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